For students admitted in 2023-24
Extended Major Program in Digital Media and Creative Arts (Major+DMCA)
Award Title
Extended Major Program in Digital Media and Creative Arts
Award Title (Chinese)
Curriculum Requirements

Extended Major is not a standalone major. It is adhered to a certain relevant Majors as expanded choices for students to enrich their major study with cross-disciplinary applications of emerging technology and innovations relevant to their Major.

This Extended Major is available for combination with the following Majors:

School of Science

BSc in Data Science and Technology 理學士(數據科學與技術)
BSc in Mathematics 理學士(數學)
BSc in Ocean Science and Technology 理學士(海洋科學與技術)

School of Engineering

BEng in Aerospace Engineering 工學士(航空航天工程學)
BEng in Civil Engineering 工學士(土木工程學)
BEng in Civil and Environmental Engineering 工學士(土木及環境工程學)
BEng in Computer Engineering 工學士(計算機工程學)
BEng in Computer Science 工學士(計算機科學)
BSc in Computer Science 理學士(計算機科學)
BEng in Decision Analytics 工學士(決策分析學)
BEng in Electronic Engineering 工學士(電子工程學)
BEng in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management 工學士(工業工程及工程管理學)
BSc in Integrative Systems and Design 理學士(綜合系統與設計)
BEng in Mechanical Engineering 工學士(機械工程學)

School of Business and Management

BBA in Economics 工商管理學士(經濟學)
BBA in Finance 工商管理學士(金融學)
BBA in Global Business 工商管理學士(環球商業管理)
BBA in Information Systems 工商管理學士(資訊系統學)
BBA in Management 工商管理學士(管理學)
BBA in Marketing 工商管理學士(市場學)
BBA in Operations Management 工商管理學士(營運管理學)
BBA in Professional Accounting 工商管理學士(專業會計學)
BSc in Economics and Finance 理學士(經濟及金融學)
BSc in Quantitative Finance 理學士(量化金融學)
BSc in Risk Management and Business Intelligence 理學士(風險管理及商業智能學)

School of Humanities and Social Science

BSc in Global China Studies 理學士(環球中國研究)
BSc in Quantitative Social Analysis 理學士(定量社會數據分析)


To graduate with this Extended Major, students must fulfill all of its requirements as well as all the requirements of their major program of study.