Postgraduate Courses

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  1. Each course is identified by a course code which comprises a four-letter code followed by a four-digit number code.

5=Postgraduate courses

6=Postgraduate courses usually in the form of special topics, seminars, independent studies, reading courses or master research

7=Postgraduate courses usually in the form of doctoral seminars or research

  1. Each course is assigned a course vector which indicates the number of instructional hours required and credits to be earned. The course vector is presented in the form of [L-T-Lab:C] where

L=Lecture hours per week

T=Tutorial, seminar or recitation hours per week

Lab=Laboratory or field study hours per week

C=Number of course credits

Normally, 1 credit is designated for 1L, 1T or 3Lab. 

  1. Courses listed here will be offered according to resources available in each term and academic year. Details of course offerings in a particular term will be announced during the course registration period.